Welcome to Round Rock Raiders Basketball

welcome to round rock raiders

Thank you for taking the time to come learn more about the Round Rock Raiders and the upcoming 2019-2020 basketball season.

The Round Rock Raiders are a non-profit, competitive Christian homeschool organization established to serve homeschool families in the Central Texas area. Our goal is to allow each athlete to play for FREE when they join the Round Rock Raiders program, based upon team availability. We are able to accomplish this by generous donations from various Central Texas businesses and fundraisers.

Our vision is to be a nationally recognized program leading the way in Christian homeschool basketball in behavior and competition.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • Inspire players in becoming more than they can ask or imagine by themselves.
  • Challenge players in the crucible of teamwork, effort and commitment, while having fun playing basketball.
  • Build long-term core memories that enhances player’s walk into adulthood.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Round Rock Raiders and register now if you would like to join us for the next season. You can also follow us on social media as we put a lot of information and content there:

Instagram: @roundrockraiders
Twitter: @RoundRockRaider
Facebook: /RoundRockRaiders

April 16, 2019


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